Railway Systems of Zambia Limited (RSZ)

The RSZ rail line stretches almost 1,200 kilometres and covers the entire area between Sakania (on the Democratic Republic of Congo border) and Victoria Falls (on the Zimbabwe border). It includes the Copper Belt area in the northern part of Zambia and other branch lines.

A Major Presence – and Investment – in the Region
Zambia Railways, with more than 900 kilometres of mainline railways and 300 kilometres of branch lines, is one of the largest rail networks in the region. RSZ employs more than 1,000 workers. Its management includes highly skilled and experienced Zambians and other international staff.

Realizing that the Zambia rail network plays a key role in developing the Zambian economy, the RSZ has geared up to meet the current and future development of copper (and other related minerals) mines, which are greatly dependent on rail service.

The company possesses 48 General Electric and General Motor locomotives and 4,000 wagons . RSZ workshops and maintenance facilities contain state-of-the-art equipment for repairs, upgrades and overhauls of locomotives, wagons, coaches and engines.

During its first three years of operation, the RSZ has continuously increased its market share and contributed meaningfully toward increasing the export of copper, importing the required inputs and boosting the Zambian economy.

A Milestone Concession
NLPI participated in an International World Bank tender for the Zambia Railways concession and was declared the winner with the signing of the Freight and Passenger Concession Agreements in February and August 2003, respectively. This was a milestone in the history of the privatization of railways in the region.