Sometimes, business organizations distance themselves from the community in which they operate. Not so at NLPI. Based on our business achievements and awareness of good community relations, NLPI plays, and will continue to play, a major role in serving and giving back to the local community. Here are some highlights of NLPI’s community service.

  • Developing the Beitbridge District

Several years ago, NLPI made a decision to contribute annually to the growth and development of the entire Beitbridge district. A substantial proportion of the company’s annual profits are ploughed back to the society through cash donations for use in capital infrastructure development projects.

  • Supporting the Underprivileged

NLPI has become a leader in the World Vision Zimbabwe program for the support of financially disadvantaged children in the rural Matebeleland South province. The program pays school fees, provides uniforms, and buys books and school supplies for underprivileged children. NLPI now sponsors more than 10 children in this program.

  • Providing Medical Support and Giving to Orphanages

Dedicated to giving back to the local community, NLPI has contributed funds, medical equipment, food and furniture to hospitals, health centres and orphanages. NLPI has worked hard to improve the quality of health services available to any citizen. The company set up the New Limpopo Bridge Trust Fund to assist the children’s ward in the Beitbridge Hospital and the entire Beitbridge community. Over the past few years, NLPI has made donations to the orphaned children of the Hwange community, the Marange Orphanage, Kasisi Children’s Home, Joseph House and Kayelihle Children’s Village.

  • Supporting the Disabled

Since 2001, NLPI has provided ongoing support for eight disabled children from the Jairos Jiri Association centres in Harare and Bulawayo. NLPI has paid for school and boarding expenses; donated crutches, walkers, and wheelchairs. NLPI assists physically challenged people on an individual basis too. They provide full tuition support and purchase computers for job and technical training.

  • Fostering Education

Education is a very special cause of NLPI. The company gives regularly to schools throughout Zimbabwe, particularly in the rural areas. In July 2005 computers and printers were distributed to three secondary schools (Tshidixwa, Nuli and Zezani) in the Beitbridge area. The Topoho School and many other schools around Beitbridge received donations of much needed textbooks.

NLPI has assisted with building, upgrading and furnishing of these schools (and others) in Zambia: Chewe Middle Basic School, Chiwala Primary School, Kabwe High School, Malima Basic School, Muyembe Basic School Nchaanga Basic School, Nchename Basic School. It has also financed a number of significant construction and infrastructure projects:

  • The library block at Bungwe Secondary School in Filabusi.
  • Electricity for the Mkwabene Secondary School in Avoca, Donain Secondary School in Kadoma and Zedza School in the Marange area of Mutare.
  • Reconstruction of collapsed classroom in the Mtetengwe Primary School in Beitbridge. (The school was officially adopted by NLPI and renamed BBR Mtetengwe Primary School after one of NLPI’s subsidiaries.) NLPI guarantees annual support to ensure the school’s continued development and to improve the educational facilities. Beginning in 2007, NLPI will provide each of the school’s 450 pupils with two sets of uniforms.


  • Playing the “Good Game”

Sports boosts local and national pride and encourages participation within the community.

  • NLPI’s strong connection with the renowned Arsenal Club helps bring the camaraderie of sports to schoolchildren throughout Africa. NLPI and Arsenal donate items such as soccer balls to underprivileged children, schools, and recreation centres across Africa.
  • NLPI is the major sponsor of the Beitbridge Football Club and has supported the Railstars Football Club of Bulawayo and Unicem Football Club in the Gwanda district.
  • The Kabwe Warriors (Zambia’s national football team) is sponsored by NLPI. A cash donation facilitated the team’s participation in the 2005 Africa Cup of Nations games held in Egypt.

NLPI makes other sports-related contributions:

  • It co-sponsors the annual Hwange Open Golf Tournament for professional and amateur golfers. It also sponsor a number of other amateur and charity golf tournaments.
  • NLPI sponsors and supports the operation of the Zambia Rugby National team through the Zambia Rugby Football Union.
  • Hwange Netball Club, a community-based team, received a cash donation for the purchase of new equipment for its 2006 netball season.


  • Donating Property

Over the years NLPI has donated property and real estate to municipalities and local councils for use as residences, warehouses and cottage industries, generating much needed revenues.

  • NLPI donated its Mazunga housing complex to the Beitbridge District Rural Council for use as a Fishing Project Centre and Lodge.
  • In the Gwanda District, NLPI donated its housing complex to the municipality.
  • The NLPI housing units at Colleen Bawn, Antenior and Stanmore have been donated to the local councils.


  • Being There in Times of Disaster

Over the years, NLPI has provided significant financial and humanitarian aid and assistance after devastating natural disasters (Cyclone Eline in southern and eastern Zimbabwe and a volcanic eruption in the Democratic Republic of the Congo).

  • RSZ Committed to Community Welfare and Development ,Company spends over K1 billion for various projects countrywide

The Railway Systems of Zambia has invested over K1 billion in various projects aimed at fostering the welfare of the communities in which it operates. The company, which took over the operations of Zambia Railways Limited in December, 2003, has implemented various community development projects only along the line of rail.


RSZ Committed to Community Welfare and Development

Company spends over K1 billion for various projects countrywide
The Railway Systems of Zambia has invested over K1 billion in various projects aimed at fostering the welfare of the communities in which it operates. The company, which took over the operations of Zambia Railways Limited in December, 2003, has implemented various community development projects only along the line of rail.

In the last four years, despite the need to provide resources towards rehabilitation of the railway line, locomotives and passenger coaches, the company has actively participated in national programmes and activities, taking it upon itself to support community projects and causes including education, youth welfare, culture and sports.

The Railways Systems of Zambia has a long-standing commitment to the community in which it operates and has since extended this support further across the country. The company has an annual allocation for community projects that has since seen it spend approximately K1,426, 546,353.21 since it began operations.

This commitment to the community continues in 2008 as the company expects to spend more than was spent in the previous year on various activities and reaffirm its role as a responsible corporate social citizen.

In line with the Presidential Initiative to ‘Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy’, on 15th December 2007, RSZ partnered with the Kabwe Municipal Council in re-launching the programme in Makululu compound where the Honourable Deputy Minister of Local Government and Housing, Dr E. Kazonga – MP officiated; accompanied by the area Member of Parliament Honourable Gladys Nyirongo. RSZ contributed towards the re-launch programme by donating various materials and adopting a strategic roundabout in the town center for landscaping and maintenance. Furthermore, in the first quarter of 2008, RSZ will officially launch its own ‘Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy’ programme in Kabwe and in the main towns along the line of rail where it operates. Through this programme, RSZ intends to reach communities and contribute towards the attainment of a healthy environment where it offers its railway service.

“We are soon launching the Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy campaign along the line of rail and this will be done in collaboration with all the local councils. Through this programme we expect to reach communities and assist them where need be, as already demonstrated by our donation to the Keep Zambia Clean and Healthy Kabwe re-launch,” says Mr Charles Phiri, Executive Manager Corporate Affairs at RSZ.

Demonstrating its commitment to meeting regulatory requirements in the sector, the company, since its takeover of the railways, has observed all the environmental requirements where it operates.

RSZ has given priority to retrenched railway employees and supported them through contracts in various fields to cushion the effects of unemployment. This support has uplifted the lives of these former employees.

The RSZ has been actively involved in community welfare on all fronts, supporting wide-ranging causes across the country. The company has adopted the Children of Promise and Arteco orphanages in Kabwe. The two orphanages are funded annually at K54, 000,000 and K36, 000,000 respectively. These funds go towards the various needs of the orphans housed at these centers.

In the recent past, the company has also extended support to other orphanages including Kasisi Children’s Home, Africa Hope, Open Arms Family, Mother of Mercy and support for the Maureen Mwanawasa Community Initiative.

RSZ’s support goes further than disadvantaged communities. Kabwe Warriors Football Club remains a co-sponsored outfit, with both the RSZ and the Zambia Railways Limited supporting the top flight team with K250 million each per annum. The sponsoring of the football club is in line with RSZ’s vision for sports development. RSZ has been supporting the FAZ Super League team’s yearly funding since 2003.

“We’ve also supported the Zambia Rugby Football Association and Zambia Junior Golfers. RSZ has also sponsored workers participation in community or inter-company activities such as social football to keep the employees active,” Mr Phiri adds.

In line with company policy on the support of traditional values of the country, the RSZ has made contributions towards ceremonies including the Kuomboka of the Lozis and Kulamba Kubwalo of the Lenjes.

Railway Systems of Zambia is a key partner of the Government, actively participating in and funding most of the national programmes such as Labour Day and Independence Day celebrations support at its headquarters in Kabwe.

The company has been and will continue supporting the community. The RSZ was at the forefront of celebrations such as the attainment of 100 years of Kabwe Town and remains committed to the continued development of the town.

The year 2008 will see the RSZ play an active role as a responsible corporate citizen. RSZ’s enhanced partnership with the Government and its stakeholders in its efforts to give back to the community, will not only remain committed to towns and cities along the line of rail but around the country where its unfailing corporate support will matter the most.