NLPI Logistics

NLPI Logistics (NLL)

Completing the whole Corridor, the third project was implemented by NLL, a rail logistics services and rolling stock provider. NLL has acquired marketing rights for the “North Line,” the 470-kilometre section between Bulawayo in Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls on the Zambia border. The operation of the line is carried out by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) with NLL responsible for the financing and marketing of the line, per the agreement between NLL and NRZ.

Cooperation Leads to Efficiency
Due to cooperation between Beitbridge Bulawayo Railway (PVT) Limited, NRZ and NLL, a “through train” mode of operation was introduced and implemented by the operators along the rail corridor from Beitbridge to Victoria Falls. As a result, transit time has been shortened dramatically.
The achievements introduced to the rail users have greatly assisted the regional rail operators in gaining the confidence of customers. Traffic carried over the North Line (primarily transit traffic from South Africa to Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and vice versa) is now hauled in an environment that benefits all involved.

New Standards of Service
The involvement of NLL in the North Line guarantees the required standards and level of service offered by the operator (NRZ) by ensuring the availability of funds necessary for the operational inputs, including rolling stock, fuel and so on. This level of service encourages the rail users of the Corridor to enter into long-term railage agreements. The positive environment has been achieved based on the financial strength of NLL.
NLL owns a fleet of rolling stock, comprising 35 locomotives and 600 wagons, which is utilized by the Group members along the Corridor. In addition, NLL provides many other value-added services 

  • Developing tailor-made logistics solutions
  • Allocating wagons sourced from regional rail operators
  • Sourcing other logistics-related equipment
  • Coordinating with other players along the logistics chain
  • Tracking and tracing of cargo along the Corridor
  • Completing general documentation and providing customs clearance and administrative support