Group overview

NLPI’s main activity in infrastructure-related projects has been concentrated in the transportation sector, whereby it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the construction, rehabilitation and marketing of a 2,037 kilometre rail corridor stretching from South Africa, along Zimbabwe and Zambia, and up to the Democratic Republic of Congo (“the Corridor”).

The Corridor is the main hub for southbound minerals, mainly copper and copper concentrates hauled from the mineral-rich countries along the well-known Copper Belt region to South Africa, and northbound finished products and mining inputs. It is the most important rail link connecting Southern African Development Coordination Community (SADCC) member states to regional ports. It serves as a lifeline to regional economies.

The Corridor, consolidated under the management of NLPI, creates a unique opportunity for efficient rail operation with uninterrupted service to vast regional, national and international markets.

The Corridor was created by the implementation of three rail projects, each owned and operated by a different subsidiary company of NLPI.


Implemented in Zimbabwe on a BOT basis by Beitbridge-Bulawayo Railway (PVT) Limited (BBR), the 350-kilometre railway line from Beitbridge (the border post between South Africa and Zimbabwe) to Bulawayo (the most industrialised city in Zimbabwe) was built in record time, with the construction phase lasting only 18 months
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Implemented in Zambia by Railway Systems of Zambia Limited (RSZ), this rail line stretches almost 1,200 kilometres and covers the entire area between Sakania (on the Democratic Republic of Congo border) and Victoria Falls (on the Zimbabwe border). It includes the Copper Belt area in the northern part of Zambia and other branch lines
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Completing the whole Corridor, the third project was implemented in Zimbabwe by NLPI Logistics (NLL), a rail logistics services and rolling stock provider. NLL has acquired marketing rights for the “North Line,” the 470 kilometre section between Beitbridge (on the South African border) and Victoria Falls (on the Zambia border).
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NLPI’s shareholders are involved with another significant investment in New Limpopo Bridge (Private) Limited (NLB), which, under a BOT concession agreement, constructed and presently operates the toll bridge over the Limpopo River between the border posts at Messina in South Africa and Beitbridge in Zimbabwe.
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Following the signing of new agreements, NLPI is currently engaged in promoting other large-scale ventures dealing with the construction, operation and marketing of two plants for generating electricity in Zimbabwe (total 1,700 MW). In addition, NLPI has recently developed several segments of commodity trading, focusing on products which give added value for all Group members.

The Group employs 1,500 people directly and provides work to another 2,000 people indirectly. It has one of the largest private fleets of rolling stock in Africa, consisting of 4,600 wagons of different types and more than 80 locomotives. The Group also has 10,000 square metres of state-of-the-art workshops and other facilities.