NLPI’s activities are aimed at developing better access to modern infrastructure for the people of Africa by providing the necessary financing and managing of core infrastructure projects through the introduction and implementation of modern financial engineering methods.

Embracing the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) concept, which has become NLPI’s fundamental business model, governments are now relieved of the burdent of finding financial resources, leaving such challenges and the related risks to the private sector. NLPI is proud to carry the torch of the African chapter of the BOT concept. Supported by our financial strength, managerial capacity and a solid vision, we are well equipped to face the challenges and convert the risks into success stories, whereby private money and government targets merge into a better future for emerging African economies.

The company takes a major role in all facets of the targeted project; namely, identifying the projects, providing all required financing , and managing and operating the company’s project throughout the concession period.

The BOT business approach enables NLPI to contribute to the African community affairs and encourages governments to focus on the priority sectors such as health, education and housing as the main goals of regional administration. The approach shifts financing of major infrastructure projects to the private sector. The large investment by NLPI has relieved governments from having to source or release funds for infrastructure projects and thus enables governments to develop other vital industries and market sectors.

With its extensive financial experience and technical know-how, NLPI’s shareholders, which constitute major South African financial institutions, have managed to form a strong financial backbone for massive infrastructure projects that have been successfully implemented and added to the Group’s impeccable record.

As the demand for infrastructure grows and the trend toward privatization continues, NLPI’s projects will contribute to overall economic growth of the region.